How to know if he's not into you?

Some men are hard to figure out when it comes to relationships, because most men doesn't show any emotions when it comes to relationships. As a woman we always question our selves, wondering "is it me or is it him". A woman loves to be held, kissed, cared for, loved and so much more. women are nurturing because that's how we are raised to be, where raised to love and care for. the last thing we don't want is a man that cant show his love for you. 
    So here are some signs to look for when he's not that into you: If he doesn't call or text you to ask you how your day is going or wentwhen you call him and he doesn't have much to say when he doesn't care to know anything about you as a personIf he's blowing you offhe's not going to take the time to come see youif he doesn't make eye contact with youif he walk behind you or in front of you and not with youif he doesn't answer your calls and texts like he use toif he tells you we should…
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